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Genuine Lilliston (r) Rolling Cultivators and Disc Bedders
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Rolling Cultivator with Granular Fertilizer AttachmentAll new stainless steel hoppers! The Bigham Brothers/Lilliston Fertilizer Attachment may be equipped on a Rolling Cultivator or on other types of equipment for the most effective granular application in row crops. Attachments are offered in ground or hydraulic drive and available for 2, 4, 6 and 8 row units. Eight row rigid units include one drive. Some field conditions may require addition of one or more drives. Optional equipment may be utilized for folding tool bars and attachments up to 16 row.

The fertilizer attachment mounts comfortably rearward and above the Rolling Cultivator components. Strong, double-plated reinforced brackets provide ample cearance and easier filling. Our reliable, proven metering system is easily calibrated by simply sliding the augers in or out.

Fertilizer Hopper L50012874S
Stainless Steel Hoppers are constructed from heavy 16 gauge stainless steel and guaranteed against rust. Hoppers may be tilted or removed for cleaning by simply removing two 3/4" bolts. Bolt-on nodular iron spouts and removable L50012882 auger complete the hopper assembly.
Stainless Steel Hoppers

The variable speed control valve is easily set and functions with open or closed tractor hydraulic systems. Hydraulic drive allows an application rate of 75-1150 lbs./acre.
Hydraulic Drive
  Hydraulic Drive

Ground Drive L50012876
Big 23" R-1 reversed tractor tread drive wheel and twin spring down pressure for positive traction. Application rates may be set at 50-800 lbs./acre. Adjustments may be made by simply removing quick pins and reversing sprockets.
Ground Drive

Left and right single tube delivery knives are mounted on 1x3" height adjustable shank.
Dual opening knife has two delivery tubes, one on each side of the knife.
Long knife shank and 806-773 clamp attach either type knife to the tool bar.
Tool Bar Mounted Knife Shank and Clamp
Tool Bar Mounted Knives

Disc Openers L50012793
Disc openers mount directly to the tool bar. Spring mount and rolling discs provide protection in rocky soils and other tough field conditions. Discs may be placed on one or both sides of the row for precision application.
Disc Openers  

Single shank knife is designed to knife in granular material in front of the spider gang.
Foot support attaches to long or short gang pipe and provides lateral and vertical adjustment for the shank.
Long Foot Support attaches single shank applicator to gang pipe for use in wide (42-48") rows.
Foot Support and Single Shank Applicator

Spout Holder L50001171
Spout holder will place hose to drop fertilizer along the row while cultivating the crop. One or two required per row.
Spout Holder  

"Y" Divider splits the discharge from each spout on the hopper. Fertilizer may be banded on each side of two rows. Part number above includes two dividers and four hoses. One required per Hopper.
"Y" Divider
"Y" Divider

Attachments and Equipment Bundles You can configure your Fertilizer Attachments according to your farming needs.

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