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Cultivating / Hilling Discs

Bigham Brothers has a wide selection of disc assemblies to complement light cultivating and disc hilling applications. Cultivating discs may be set to peel dirt away from a young crop. A rolling blade may be set precisely to minimize root damage in a young crop. Disc hillers may be used to define a specific area of tillage and confine soil movement to that specific area in applications such as strip-till.

Standard Features

Tool Bar Mount (Rigid) Cultivating Discs and Disc Hillers

Cultivating discs may be attached directly to the tool bar for precise cultivation early in the season. Disc hillers provide an economical, simple provision for light hilling in prepared soil. Clamp is constructed with a cuff that wraps around the tool bar to keep the clamp stable on the frame. Blade may be canted at desired angle and retained with set screws.
P/N Description App. Ship Wt.
812-110 Disc Hiller Assy., Rigid 4x4" 75 Lbs.
Cultivating Disc Hiller Cultivating Disc Assembly

Disc Hillers include two mounting clamps for 4x4 tool bar and two shank assemblies (10 degree bend) with 14" smooth blade.

P/N Description Approx. Ship Wt.
812-410 Cultivating Disc Assy., Rigid 4x4" 75Lbs.

Cultivating Discs include two mounting clamps for 4x4" tool bar and two shank assemblies (straight) with 14" smooth blade.

Tool Bar Mount (Spring Loaded) Disc Hillers

Spring Loaded Disc HillersDisc hillers mount directly to to the tool bar and are spring protected against rocks and other obstructions. Blade and shank are also protected in the event that the blade is adjusted too deep in the soil. Clamp is built with a simple but effective hinge and tension bolt design. Spring Loaded Disc Hillers are standard equipment on RowTills.
P/N Description Approx. Ship Wt.
812-104 Disc Hiller Assy., Spring Hinge 4x4" 88 Lbs.

Disc Hillers include two spring loaded mounting clamps for 4x4" tool bar and two shank assemblies (10 degree bend) with 14" smooth blade.

Modular Mount (1x3" Shank) Cultivating Discs

Modular Mount Cultivating DiscsModular mount provides great flexibility in adjusting cultivating discs. Upper shank is welded to a 2x2" cross tube for extra clearance and height adjustment. Top and bottom plates for the cross tube clamps wrap around the sleeve. This unit is also easy to remove from the tool bar, while retaining precision blade adjustment. Clamps are available for any size tool bar.
P/N Description Approx. Ship Wt.
812-400 Cultivating Disc Assy., 1x3" Mount 82 Lbs.

Cultivating Disc Assemblies include shank and tube weldment, two mounting clamps for 2x2" tube and two shank assemblies with 14" smooth blade. Clamp for 1x3" shank is not included.

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