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Pivot Track Disc Filler

Pivot Track disc fillerBigham Brothers Pivot Track Disc Filler makes quick, easy work of filling ruts that can stop your pivot system in its tracks. Three point mount allows attachment to virtually any tractor. Tooling on the machine may be adjusted for your specific operating needs.

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Standard Features:

  • Heavy three bar frame includes three point hitch compatible with Cat. II or Cat. III hitches.
  • Front guide discs keep tool aligned on pivot track path.
  • Heavy disc gangs mount independently to the frame. Blades may be adjusted laterally along the tool bar. Each disc is equipped with 1-1/8" arbor bolt and two sealed bearings per housing.
  • Rear 28" basket will firm and level the soil placed into the rut. Double pressure springs supply substantial pressure to break clods and smooth the surface.

Pivot Track disc filler (Whole goods)

P/N Description Disc Gang Qty. Overall Length Overall Width Approx Ship Wt
918-006 Pivot Track disc filler 6 108" 74" 1150 Lbs.
918-007 Pivot Track disc filler 4 108" 74" 1070 Lbs.

Pivot Track Disc Filler Includes: Tool bar (Diamond mast three bar frame; 6' usable width) with welded Cat. II/III hitch assy., two front guide disc assemblies with mounting hardware, three pair of disc gangs with 20" blade and rear 28" basket with mounting hardware and double spring. All units are priced unassembled, FOB Lubbock, Texas.

Parts Breakdown

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